Korine Pink Sunglasses

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איזה אווירה, בנאדם! הם משקפי שמש והם מגנים על העיניים שלך מכדור הסלע הבוער. אבל ידעת את זה!

מגיע עם קופסא סקסית ומטלית עדשות.

מידע על המוצר:

* הגנת UV

About The Brand

An independently brand owned by 3 sibling, from Coventry, England. The company now lives in London. Everything is done in house; with the design, content, PR, marketing, photography and videography being done from the studio. We design everything from our damn hearts and we love we get to show what's going on in our heads day in and out. We make 3-4 collections a year and take our sweet time doing so. Designed by us, with you in mind.